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Backyard Friends: The Ptarmigan

General Overview Ptarmigans are a genus of birds related to grouse, chickens, turkeys and pheasants (10). There are three species of ptarmigan, each with several subspecies: the willow ptarmigan (Lagopus lagopus), the rock ptarmigan (Lagopus muta) and the white-tailed ptarmigan (Lagopus leucura). The scientific name Lagopus comes from Greek and

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Bat Month 2023: Little Brown Bat Colouring Sheet

Happy Bat Month! This Bat Month the focus has been on a common North American species, and personal favourite, the little brown bat (Scientific name: Myotis lucifugus). This is the black and white version of an upcoming YouTube thumbnail, and I thought some people might enjoy having a version they

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RedList Friends: North Atlantic Right Whale (Eubalaena glacialis)

Here are seven facts about the North Atlantic Right Whale! Its scientific name is Eubalaena glacialis, which means “True Whale of the ice.” E. glacialis typically weighs between 55 thousand to 95 thousand kilograms (or about 120 thousand to 210 thousand pounds), and can measure up to 17 meters or

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What is the Yellow Bird?

The Yellow Bird is a blog and YouTube channel created by Taylor to share her interests and adventures with others.  Here and on YouTube the Yellow Bird makes content about science, travel, linguistics, culture, fashion and more!

Taylor Holmes: Multimedia Journalist, Science Educator, Bird Lover. 

Taylor Holmes is a Calgary-based multimedia journalist. She received her Bachelors of Communications in Journalism and Digital Media with Honours in 2023. Taylor has always enjoyed exploring science and sharing her findings with others. This insatiable curiosity has led Taylor to cover a wide array of subjects as a journalist, but she is particularly passionate about nature, sustainability, linguistics and fashion — and where these subjects intersect.

Photo and video journalism are Taylor’s strengths, which she uses to bring the world to the viewer, and make complex topics interesting and accessible to broad audiences. Her love of the arts and sciences combined with her technical skills make Taylor a strong voice, which she strives to use to help others, both human and not, tell their stories.