Fashion in Africa | Colonization, Rebellion & Reclamation (2023)

An analysis of fashion as means of power and control in West and Southern Africa. The video highlights several cultures including the Swazi, Herero, and Kongolese. This video also looks at the modern Congolese fashion movement known as, “la SAPE.” 

All about bats


Bat week runs from October 24-31, and was created to raise awareness about bat conservation. This video provides and introduction and broad overview to bat evolution, classification, distribution, conservation and ecological roles.

Why bird populations are declining?


A study led by Dr. Kenneth Rosenberg published in 2019 found that North America has lost a net of 2.9 billion birds since 1970, 29% of birds, and a study from 2021 found similar declines in Europe.

How to Bird: A beginner’s guide to birdwatching?


A short video explainer detailing tools, tips and tricks used to make the most out of birdwatching. It also includes some recommended places in Southern Alberta for birdwatching.

Lougheed House exhibit showcases the city’s early Chinatowns?


The 130-year-old Lougheed House hosted a temporary exhibit from July 1 to Oct. 17. We Were Here: Stories of Early Chinatown recounts the lives and tales from Calgary’s first two incarnations of Chinatown.

RedList Friends | North Atlantic Right Whale


The RedList Friends is a series showcasing endangered species from IUCN’s RedList of endangered species. This episode is on the North Atlantic Right Whale, the most endangered whale species on Earth.

13 spooky facts about the vampire bat


A short video sharing some fun facts about the three species of vampire bats and their habitats, behaviours, and unique adaptations that allows these bats to survive exclusively off of blood.